How to become a hacker from scratch

If you are a beginner or pentester looking for clues where to start or how to become a hacker from scratch? We encourage you to explore and begin to work with this list of scanning software for the study purpose and network.
We searched everywhere starter kit, but did not find something that would be all in one, and decided to create this article for beginners. Everything will be explained briefly.

Here are our recommendations on the most popular run and stabilize cracking programs, and scan.
If you know the program better to ask for leave in the comments your opinion.


1. Acunetix 


There are free and paid version. This tool has a lot of appointment, but the most important of them are the figures for SQL penetration and Cross Site scripting.

It also has a built-in analyzer for the script. This security tool generates detailed reports that identify vulnerabilities in the system. Many developers use it to identify the vulnerabilities of its programs and systems. A very useful tool for burglary and to identify vulnerabilities.


2. Aircrack-ng


A complete set of network security tools that includes:

aircrack-ng (used for attacks against WEP and WPA)
airdecap-ng (used for dekriptinga WEP and WPA poimanyh packages)
airmon-ng (puts network cards in the mode of the monitor)
aireplay-ng (Injector for packages)
airodump-ng (is a packet sniffer)
airtun-ng (The unit is used for the virtual tunnel interfaces)
airolib-ng (stores and manages ESSID and password lists)
packetforge-ng (creates encrypted packets for injection)
airdriver-ng (includes methods to attack customers)
airdecloak-ng (removes WEP cloaking)
airdriver-ng (for managing wireless drivers),
airolib-ng (manages ESSID and can calculate the master key)
airserv-ng ( gives access to the wireless card from other computers)
easside-ng (it allows the user to run programs on a remote computer)
easside-ng (means of communication to the access point without WEP key)
tkiptun-ng (for WPA / attack TKIP)
wesside-ng (for recovery WEP key).


3.Cain & Abel


Cool tool for those who are beginning to write scripts. He was more used as a tool to recover passwords. This tool allows the tester to recover different types of passwords listening to the network traffic, and cracking encrypted passwords using a dictionary or Brute Force attack. The tool can also record VoIP conversations, and has the ability to decode encrypted passwords detection WiFi network keys and the cached passwords. For proper operation of the tester can analyze routing protocols.

Safety tool according to its nature does not use any software vulnerabilities or apertures, but simply identifies security flaws in standard protocols. Students who are studying in the IT security use this tool to learn APR (Arp Poison Routing) Man- in-the-Middle attacks (MITM).New versions of this program allows you to crack the most used and popular encryption algorithms.


4. Ettercap


there are many words do not. I think to this day it is the coolest thing to MITM attacks. It uses ARP poisoning attack. It allows you to see all that is happening on the network where you are.


5.John The Ripper


John of The Ripper – perhaps the coolest name for this kind of instrument. Very popular security tool, often abbreviated to just“John” is used to crack passwords.Originally designed for the UNIX operating system currently runs on all major operating systems. Until now, this tool is one of the most popular passwords for testing and hacking programs that provide security. The tool combines a variety of password crackers into one compressed package that can then identify the types of password hashes through its own custom cracking algorithm.





the Metasploit – is a project for the security, which provides information about vulnerabilities and helps testing and intrusion detection. The project is open source – known as Metasploit Framework, used by experts for safety to execute the exploit code on a remote target machine – for penetration testing, of course! But hackers are very fond of it it allows to perform miracles.




the Nessus – another giant for the vulnerability scan.Nessus scans various types of vulnerabilities. Those proveryayuthakery for holes that can be exploited to gain control of or access to a computer system or network.Tools scans the default passwords and shared passwords that can be used to perform via Hydra (an external tool), and run a dictionary attack. Other scanning vulnerabilities include DDOS attacks against the TCP / IP stack.





Nmap – another massive giant tool for security, which has been around for ever, and probably the most famous. Nmap has featured in many films, including The Matrix – just the Google, and you’ll see what we mean.Written in the C, the C ++, the Python, the Lua Gordon Lione (Fedor) , since 1997, Nmap (Network Mapper) is a de facto and the best security scanner, which is used to detect nodes on a computer network. To detect the nodes in the network Nmap sends specially constructed packets to the target host, and then analyzes the responses. The program is very difficult, because unlike other port scanners. Onposylaet packages based on network conditions, taking into account fluctuations, jams and much more.


9. Kismet


Kismet – a wireless network detector, analyzer, and a great security tool to detect intrusions. With Kismet can control and listen to 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, and 802.11n traffic. There are many sniffers, but what makes Kismet different and very popular is the fact that it works passively – it means that the program does not send any packets, thus able to control wireless access points and wireless clients. It is open source and widely used.


10. Wireshark.


Wireshark – has been around for centuries and is extremely popular.Wireshark allows pentesteru put the network interface into promiscuous mode and, therefore, to see all the traffic. This tool has many features such as the ability to collect data from a live network connection, or read from a file stored already captured packets. Wireshark is able to read data from a wide variety of networks with Ethernet, IEEE 802.11, PPP, and even the loops. Like most tools of our security list, the captured network data can be monitored and controlled via the GUI – which also allows you to insert plug-ins and use them. Wireshark can capture packets as VoIP (Cain) and raw USB traffic can also be captured.

If you are a professional or a hacker pentester already then you know how to use these wonderful programs. Tools for hacking and pentestinga learning easy and natural vision, and it’s fun. People who create their brilliant programmers and made everything very easy to use.



What do you think about this? If we have missed something, please let us know! Accomplish your goal in the comments, we will always help advice.

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