One day saw a video on YouTube about jobs that did not exist 10 years ago, when there were no social networks like Facebook or Twitter, and good because I will not mention those here described, I just think you had to add one, 
it is ” hack Facebook “, said” work “did not exist 12 years ago to be more specific; and although many would seem an exaggeration to say that this is a job, let me tell you just look at the number of messages that reach a fan page which I am “admin” and almost daily requests like that are received. 

So today I bring an article 5 techniques to hack Facebook

Before continuing I clarify them it’s not any tutorial but everything is theoretical, and as I know that knowing that many no longer want to continue reading the post, you should consider the option of reading it because if you want to achieve one day to “hack” a Facebook account must be signed by the theoretical part, and if that is not your intention should read it so that you’re forewarned and not be victim of a hacker, cracker…



1. Phishing. 

 It is the most common to hack Facebook accounts technique.Method for carry out this attack are varied but the most popular is to clone the page login Facebook and using social engineering to make the victim visit this site and enter your credentials, which are stored in a file text that can then download the attacker or can also be sent directly to the attacker mail.



2. Keylogging.

  It is perhaps the most “easy” ways to hacking an account, but unlike previous often requires physical access to the mobile device or computer, where the application to carry out such action is installed. In practical terms the operation of the application is to record everything you type into your device user and thus their credentials not only Facebook but also other services such as email or other similar. The main recommendation not to fall into this trap is to not give anyone your devices and not enter Facebook from public use devices as it can be a computer at an Internet cafe. 



3. Session Hijacking. 

 Session Hijacking in Castilian, is another widely used to steal your credentials via Facebook. This usually happens when you come through (not sure) HTTP connections; In this technique the attacker steals browser cookies victim used for authenticate the user on website. Such attacks are widely used in LAN and Wi-Fi networks. A good measure is always navigate using HTTPS. 



 4. Hacking Mobile Phone.  

Millions are users accessing Facebook through mobile phones, which is why the attackers often seen as a gateway to your account on the popular social network you Smartphone. Because once have access to them can not only get your Facebook credentials but other services, even steal financial data is much worse. Also note that there are hundreds of applications designed to spy and access to mobile phones. For good measure analyzes each “app” that you are installing, and often with a striking name can be installing an application that spy on you

5. DNS Spoofing. 

 A technique only works if the attacker and the victim are on the same networks. An attacker can use DNS Spoofing to attack and change the original Facebook page with your own fake page and therefore can gain access to Facebook accounts of victims. Here the step you can take is to check carefully the link to which you come , because it is basically work the network administrator to prevent such attacks are given.
How to Hack Facebook, all you need to know


As you’ve come to realize, techniques for “hack Facebook” are varied, and these are not the only ones that exist but are most common.

As a personal anecdote I want to mention that at the time of my specialization in information security credentials got 2 accounts using phishing; using the technique described them, only with a slight variation, rather than the data is stored in a text file, these were sent directly to my email.  

I clarify that I never hurt anyone, no longer I consider myself hacker , cracker far lammer but rather a professional who is passionate about computer security, and reason to tell the story is that it did not take me more effort to make the “victims” from accessing the false link, which proves something I always said that no matter how much is invested in devices and protection software, but the user is educated properly.

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I am Ethical Hacker, Penetration tester, and Security Professional. I am an OWASP International Member. I have previously experience to work with Big corporate, Government and well-funded startups. My Company SECUPENT () is multiple award winning Cyber Security and Outsourcing Company. I am not only can save you from known vulnerabilities, also can protect you from 0day exploits and attacks from 3rd party threats.

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