Windows 7 is very popular Operating System in all over the world.Maybe lots of you also using this OS, just imagine if your locked your windows with password and you forgot your password and you also don’t want to lose your data. Don’t be sad we have a Great method to reset your password and you get password without losing your data and without using any software.

Just Restart Your Computer And in Bios Startup press F8 you will get this window.


Select Repair You Computer


Now Select Launch startup repair

After 5 minutes “cancel” we press the option. Moving on. Wait about 15-20 minutes after the tough time pinching the geldik.b error screen will occur. We press the option to ignore it. “View Problem Details” report we shift down the section. “X: \ windows” starting with the directory important. we will click to another window açılacaktır.me and we mark the C increasingly types of files by clicking eat System32 from a pop-up gelecek.ard as all files. we are changing the Behind the file name (eg aBC) Cmd command system will be turned on and your computer will restart.









net user administrator / active: yes

We are writing and re-activate the account.

Change / manage / delete / bringing the index can make arrangements.


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I am Ethical Hacker, Penetration tester, and Security Professional. I am an OWASP International Member. I have previously experience to work with Big corporate, Government and well-funded startups. My Company SECUPENT () is multiple award winning Cyber Security and Outsourcing Company. I am not only can save you from known vulnerabilities, also can protect you from 0day exploits and attacks from 3rd party threats.

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