Hacking VKontaktepage by cloning

The entire procedure lasts 5 minutes and no need any special knowledge. Hopefully you already have installed Kali Linux or any other distribution with the establishment of the SET.

Initiates SET it will help us to clone homepage VC all the way to transfer the data to us.








As you can see everything and just simply ask for the screenshots provided by me. And so we have the cloned site vk.com. To access our page cloned need to dial your local or global ip address in the browser. All you need cloning VK page will display a file Harvester.


page break VC system is that you give someone your IP address will  cloning your VC page, and any data that will be introduction to the field will  in this file. For the reliability of the system works look at the penultimate and the last screen the words that I typed.


And so it works great but you are wondering how to make a sacrifice to give your data without popping her of IP addresses. For this purpose there and redirect DNS spoof via Kotorova can make love in your network to access any website. So far, the redirection system works vsegolish is LAN. We will try in the next article to show how to do it global. Of course there are many other ways to crack VC such as bugs or viruses infusion.


If you have any problem, you can contact us.

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