I believe that everyone already knows what Dos attacks,
If not the Denial of Service (DOS) – denial of service type attacks on
the network, which is designed to bring the network to its knees by
overloading it with useless traffic. This type of attack is aimed at cutting off access to the resource, such as a website, web application, etc. Tuning or making this resource is extremely slow. This
type of attack is usually implemented by the attack of the resource
such as a Web service with too many requests simultaneously. This causes the server can not respond to all requests. The effect of this can be either a server failure or slowing them.

I give the list of the best tools for dos attacks:



High-speed, multi-threaded http flood, flood up to 256 sites at once, use accelerators to increase the Dos output and much more.


this packet generator and analyzer for the TCP / IP protocol. Features: supports TCP, udp protocol, ICMP protocol and RAW-IP protocols.


A tool to test the server. It can be used to execute DOS-attacks on the service. This tool can use socks proxy and SSL-connections to run DOS-attack on the server. It can be directed against a variety of protocols, including HTTP, FTP, SMTP, IMAP, and Telnet protocols.


keeps the connection open by sending partial of http-requests.



overloads the server and knocks it from the Internet. The tool moves away from the traditional tools of DDoS-attacks: it does not require any transmission speed and only one computer.


It’s a slow POST-tool written in Python. This tool has the added advantage that it can be run through the Tor anonymity network in carrying out the attack. This is an effective tool that can kill Apache or IIS servers in a few seconds.

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I am Ethical Hacker, Penetration tester, and Security Professional. I am an OWASP International Member. I have previously experience to work with Big corporate, Government and well-funded startups. My Company SECUPENT () is multiple award winning Cyber Security and Outsourcing Company. I am not only can save you from known vulnerabilities, also can protect you from 0day exploits and attacks from 3rd party threats.

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