What Is Phishing?


Phishing a type of scam designed in order to steal your identity and is done through emails, and in the first months of this year has seen increasing not only in terms of the amount of attack but also in as for the goals, now we show you how to prepare for not being a more victims of this danger that lurks internet.



The number of phishing sites increased by 10.7% in the first quarter of this year (January-March 2016) compared to the last quarter of the previous year and reveals the APWG (Working Group Anti-Phishing, for its acronym in English) it dedicated to detect such attacks on computer security and reported them an average of 41, 000 new attacks per month in the first quarter of the year and this leads me to a conclusion were recorded;if this type of computer ruse has increased, it is because it is effective and crackers has become an attractive technique.


At this point in the information age it is somewhat surprising that people keep falling into this trap, but at the same time is quite understandable, since most network user does not have any type of education as counter this type of cyber -Offence, despite almost daily recommendations not to fall into this deception are provided, it appears that the user will not have become aware that phishing is a real threat on the Internet.



As always the most attacked targets were payment services (46.5%), followed by banks and financial institutions (20%),and analyzing these statistics, phishing is not only effective but also very profitable technique for Internet criminals , hence why this type of attack has increased significantly in the first quarter.

If this is such a common problem, how can we protect ourselves ?,

It is quite simple, today we are 5 basic tips to avoid becoming a statistics phishing attacks.


1. Do not click links attached to e-mail

This is the common form of phishing and consists send an email purportedly from a real institution like a bank and attach you a link where what generally happens is that you redirects a false resemblance to the real company and where the most likely site is that you ask for personal information.


 2. Check the authenticity of the email

If you receive an email asking you to update your data, you have to make sure that this is so, enter the URL of the website of the company in the address bar, then compares the address ten sent with the direction of the company, it often happens that the attackers create a site almost equal to real, but there will always be some difference as a script, a change of one letter by a number, etc.


3. Reduce the amount of spam.

It happens repeatedly that by downloading a file or program they ask us to register our email address and which is subsequently used as a potential phishing target through spam sent you. Do not register your e-mail anywhere.


4. Confidential information.

Passwords, credit card numbers, addresses and pin up your confidential information and serious and prestigious company never ask such information by email and less attaching a link.


 5. Do not send confidential information by e-mail.

This point would seem repeated the previous one , but it is not. The previous point refers to follow a link where you request this information and this does not refer to NOT reply to mail you requesting confidential information such as the above. It’s one thing to be asked to click on a link and another is that you ask answer an email.


Like everything in life nothing it is 100% safe, but if you practice those little tips I assure you that will reduce greatly the possibility be victims of cyber-Hackers using this technique.

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I am Ethical Hacker, Penetration tester, and Security Professional. I am an OWASP International Member. I have previously experience to work with Big corporate, Government and well-funded startups. My Company SECUPENT () is multiple award winning Cyber Security and Outsourcing Company. I am not only can save you from known vulnerabilities, also can protect you from 0day exploits and attacks from 3rd party threats.

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