Python programming and installation in Kali linux

Python 3 package contains the Python development environment. This is useful for object-oriented programming, writing scripts very useful, demo versions of programs or large application development.

But we are not developers we hackers. And we need to learn from the python as much as possible useful to our actions. But we’ll talk about later.
I’ll give a hint! Python allows us to write scripts that bypass anti-virus and anti-virus viruses that can not see, and also with its help we will be able to crack the passwords on many social networks.



First we will set this miracle in our Kali linux distribution.
There are two methods. Both are very light.

The first method

Torn off the terminal and write:

wget && tar -xvf Python-3.3.0.tgz
cd Python-3.3.0
sudo make altinstall

To open a terminal write python


Second method

In Kali linux has a Software Manager .
Open it and look for Python3 . There vyyavitsa packs a big list.
Select python3 base and the idle-python3 package .
Click on apply and let the magic begin!
Voila. Packages are installed directly from the repository without any worries.

Having a lot of experience with different versions of python, I just found out that if you want to have a clean system just try first to work with the Software Manager, and as a second option you can switch manually.

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