And so as we begin to explore the cycle Parrot Security OS  I decided not  without the participants and lay out a simple material on the subject.

You and I know that the program  Wireshark  has not replaceable functional for us.


Her most enjoyable features is  the interception  of everything for later analysis that often discourages newcomers from this treasure. (Perhaps there is something else but here you will forgive me)

On our parrots (Parrot Security OS I call it so) slightly modified design of the program but otalos right on the spot.

Suppose that you have done everything and bedraggled lot Sasso (Personally, I pulled Leman 1.5, I do not know why but I’m still the Jew)

We need to find the desired file! but how to do it among the 1.5 mil packages? simple! This is why there are filters.

We will use the simplest filter   http.coockie  , as you might guess is he will show us all the packets that have been passed on the protocol  http and contained data  coockie .


How to steal cookies

  1. Select the Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  2.  Cookies themselves are in line [truncated] the Cookie:       (and yes hello kepu) .
  3. For convenience, select Copy it (zhmyakaem right) and find the Follow TCP Stream.
  4. (Unfortunately I have a nasty parrot, and he did not let me do a screen with properties)
  5. But in the end you should have displayed these things miracle!
  6. When you need to copy the line (or rather parameter)  remixsid.


All that’s left is to copy all there! Good luck and sposibo!

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I am Ethical Hacker, Penetration tester, and Security Professional. I am an OWASP International Member. I have previously experience to work with Big corporate, Government and well-funded startups. My Company SECUPENT () is multiple award winning Cyber Security and Outsourcing Company. I am not only can save you from known vulnerabilities, also can protect you from 0day exploits and attacks from 3rd party threats.

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